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Process Design Engineering return to top

AGM Process Engineering provides process design expertise for new and existing process units, with superior and cost effective results. It exceeds the traditional discipline limits by involving the design team in areas of design typically coordinated by project and instrument / electrical engineers.

  • Process Simulation
  • Process Optimisations
  • Exchanger Design and Rating
  • Furnace Rating
  • Flare and Relief Design
  • Separator Design
  • Pump Design
  • Compressor Design
  • Column Design
  • Eductor Design
  • Network Design – CW, Fire Water

These skills have been used in the following industries.

  • Oil Refineries : BP Bulwer Island Refinery (Brisbane), Ineos Grangemouth Refinery (Scotland), Caltex Refinery (Brisbane), BP Refinery (Chicago)
  • Gas Processing Facilities : Ballera Gas Field (Central Australia)
  • Power and Utility Plants : Bulwer Island Energy Partnership, Grangemouth Power and Utility Plant
  • Chemicals Complex : Ethylene Cracker (Scotland)
  • Tight Gas : Coal Seam Methane (San Juan, QLD Australia)

Business Development return to top

AGM Process Engineering has demonstrated a strong ability to develop and review business opportunities on behalf of operating organisations. This has been made possible by a strong understanding of business principles, risks and a realistic approach to the project and operating costs in varying business economic environments. AGM has developed a reputation for producing project viability studies that are of high quality and which meet customer needs.

Operational Process Engineering return to top

AGM has significant experience in operational activities including...

  • Process Monitoring
  • Troubleshooting
  • Shutdown Services
  • Commissioning Activities
  • Process optimization
  • Environmental Emissions Calculation and Reporting

This experience not only assists in optimal operation of equipment but provides excellent grounding in process design and project management.

Project Engineering return to top

AGM Process Engineering differentiates itself from other groups by the extensive project engineering experience of its process engineers. This provides them with the ability to produce improved designs for lower capital costs. It also allows them to provide accurate project cost estimates and to procure major equipment items.

AGM Process Engineering has been responsible for project engineering in many specialist areas. These include project engineering for vessel internals (A$1,500,000) and heat exchangers (A$900,000) for the BP Grangemouth FCCU Restart Project. AGM Process Engineering has also executed small turn key projects employing all engineering disciplines through established relationships with partner organisations. AGM Process Engineering also has established relationships with construction companies to offer a full project service if desired by the client.

Drafting Services return to top

AGM Process Engineering has found significant benefits in coordinating the drafting for process design purposes. This specialist area has allowed AGM Process Engineering to offer its own process drafting services.

Heat Transfer Services return to top

Through AGM's experience in project engineering and TEMA heat exchanger procurement, AGM has developed expertise in heat exchanger thermal design. This design capability enables projects to provide defined exchanger designs prior to procurement. This approach to exchanger procurement not only provides the client with the security of thermal performance but provides significant benefits in reducing costs of heat exchangers. In addition, this level of expertise makes AGM the perfect asset for operating companies to review underperforming exchangers and suggest improvements to operation.