Robyn Otto

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Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) Hons
University of Queensland, 2006


Process Engineer of AGM Process Engineering

As a Process Engineer for AGM Process Engineering, Robyn is involved in a wide range of process design activities including conducting Relief Revalidation Studies of existing refinery process units, developing Control Diagrams for a Water Treatment Facility as part of the front-end engineering design as well as supporting conceptual design of Irrigation Facilities.


Work History

Robyn started her career with AGM Process Engineering as a graduate process engineer in February 2007. Her technical background was founded in oil refining where she has gained over five years’ experience in a variety of activities including preliminary design, technical process engineering support to operations, process optimisation for energy use, loss accounting, offsite storage and utilities, as well as process safety activities including process hazard revalidation and relief revalidation studies. In 2012, Robyn has had the opportunity to expand on this technical experience in the gas industry, being involved in the design of water treatment and irrigation facilities.


Robyn’s technical skillset includes tasks such as hydraulic modelling, shell and tube heat exchanger design, column internals rating, relief valve sizing calculations, process modelling in HYSYS as well as development of detailed process flow diagrams tailored for use as pressure system diagrams and control diagrams. She thrives on crunching numbers and is detail oriented with the ability to consider the high level overview as well. Her diligence and professional attitude continue to prove valuable to the team.