Dave O'Hara

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40 years Oil Refining Operations


Operations Specialist for AGM Process Engineering

Currently Dave is undertaking a conceptual study of a Water Treatment Facility in the Coal Seam Gas industry. Prior to his current role, Dave was providing project development and commissioning support at the BP Oil Refinery in Brisbane.


Operational services as outlined below:

Work History

Dave has worked for 40 years in the oil refinery industry, primarily at the BP Oil Refinery in Brisbane. He started as an Operator in the plant and progressed through Training, Fire Fighting and Shift Manager Roles. Dave became an Operations Superintendent where he managed several process and off-sites complexes, i.e. Residue Cracking; Crude Distillation; HF Acid Alkylation; Amine H2S Extraction and Sulphur Recovery Units; Utilities units; Offsites complex of tank storage, pipeline operations, diesel, gasoline and LPG blending, import and export facilities across two wharves and a waste water treatment plant.

Dave was the Commissioning Manager for a 3rd party Cogeneration Plant as part of the BP Queensland Clean Fuels Project in 2000.

Before joining AGM, Dave spent 2 years as the Operations TAR and Projects Superintendent at the BP Refinery.

Dave has represented BP as an Operations Specialist on secondments to Indonesia.


Dave is an excellent communicator and writer of training and operational documentation. It is for this skill that he is highly sought. Because of his extensive experience in operational activities and project work, his value in project development and design as an operations representative is highly regarded.

Dave’s personality lends itself to encouraging and motivating people to perform, a skill critical to the role of a Commissioning Manager or Project Supervisor.